About US

MetaSol is an Engineering, Procurement & Contracting (EPC) for Solar System and Projects, specialized in Metal Structure Design and Optimization for Solar Projects.

MetaSol provides solutions for various solar projects mounting and customized structures to meet the needs of the project.
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Our Mission

Using our Engineering knowledge and tools, we aim to deliver optimal PV systems, with its reliable structure, designed to be maintained easily, where safety is our lead in all process, reaching the most cost effective system.

These Engineering Processes insures to deliver a sustainable PV project, increasing its added value and competitive advantages.

Our Scope

MetaSol scope of work is divided into 4 main categories, each have its quality values and deliveries.

1- PV System Design and Reporting
2- Structure Design and Simulation
3- Mounting Structures
4- Site Installation & Power Integration

Projects Map

Distribution for our Solar Projects in Lebanon, Designed by MetaSol team, over 26MWp for 55 projects, for the years 2018 - 2019.
MetaSol also designed Projects for the Middle East, Gulf, Europe and Africa.

Lebanon Map

STATISTICS: Our Quality Values in Numbers


Building Time

Site working time is cut in half by using our Engineered methods and plans.


Structure Cost

Saving around 30% of structure material and cost.



Increasing life-time by 75% and reducing breakdowns.



Highly Accurate Calculations for the PV system outcome, compared to actual data collected.