Bassoul Heneine s.a.l Service Center

Project in Baouchriyeh for Bassoul Heneine Service Center Building, having a car parking on Roof, designed a 35m span of Steel Structure, with no beams in the middle, to hold 705 PV panel.

This Project will generate power saving $45,000 per year.

Casino Du Liban

Artistic design for Casino Du Liban 300Kw project, maximizing the area on the roof, and taking the benefit of the design to improve efficiency.

Our design passed all technical qualifications, and get 40 points to the bidding score for optimizing area and esthetic design.

Serum Products Factory

Serum Products Factory in Chwaifat, with 3 generators and EDL, we designed a full monitoring and optimizer controller to save every what generated from the Solar System.

Also we increased the utilized areas to more than double by introducing a warehouse in the middle, and raising elevated Steel Structures around the building, and we reached around 800 PV panel.

This Project will generate power saving $75,000 per year from Deasil consumption and EDL bill.

Fares Plastic Factory

A Plastic injection molding factory in South, with need for energy for heaters of the machines. We used the warehouse roof with the highest efficiency, and we introduced road shading structure to increase PV area, and the client wanted to use these new areas as storage for his finished products.

This Project will generate power saving $66,000 per year.


Commercial Compound and offices building in Bednayel, Bekaa, needed to save electricity consumption, keeping the esthetic design of the building.
The aim of the project was to minimize the usage of the grid and generator fuel consumption.

This project will save $34,000 of electrical bills per year.

Zeenni Steel

Zeenni Steel Bchamoun, one of the leads in steel manufacturing and supplying in Lebanon, had the need for 3MW power consumption.
Mega project, centralized inverters, with Mid-voltage Transformers, and high quality PV panels.

This Project generate power saving $540,000 per year.

Izzat Daouk & Sons

Izzat Daouk & Sons production facility in Chwaifat, needed to save the energy consumption bills, more than 900 PV panel, distributed over 3 main locations: Building Roof, Parking, and Storage Warehouse.

This project will save $64,000 per year.