PV System Design & Reporting

Power Production Calculation and Real-conditions calculation of power production using solar Irradiance based on Geo-Data, where we can generate Hourly, Monthly and Yearly Production rates, KWH/KWp, Performance Ratio.

Shading Analysis Based on 3D capturing for Site Location, we are able to calculate the exact shade on the PV system caused by nearby buildings, trees...

Losses Analysis Calculating Losses caused by Solar Panels, Wires, Inverters, Grid Tie, Temperature, Reflection...

Feasibility Study and Analyzing the Cost vs. Revenue, the return of investment, the Cash flow of the project, Total saving amount, Bills savings comparison and others.

Structure Design and Simulation

Wind Simulation:

Applying Real wind conditions to the structure reaching 160km/hr, checking pressure effect on the structure.

Wind Wind

Stress Analysis:

Inner Stresses, Strain, reaction moments, Factor of Safety of the structure.

Stresses Stresses

Buckling Analysis:

Analyzing deformation of the structure, verifying its effect and compliance.

Buckling Buckling

Seismic Analysis:

Vibration caused by earthquakes tested on the structure.

Seismic Seismic

Up-lift Study:

Effect from Wind turbulence and the counter-moment needed to support the structure.

Study Study

Thermal Deformation:

Expansion and Shrink of structure study caused by temperature differences.

Thermal Thermal

Added Value:

Structure Optimization:

After knowing the effect of loads on the structure, we are able to reduce the weight of material to achieve the most cost efficient structure vs load.

Structure Assessment:

Analyzing and testing the existing structure to test its capability of supporting Loads from Solar project, ex: Warehouse, and designing the proper enforcement needed with least cost.

Engineering Drawings:

Creating Shop Drawings for Structures, enforcement plans, Detailed fixations, assembly plans.

Mounting Structures

Various Solutions:

PV structures Solutions for different usages, ready-made and customized; Roof Top, Ground Mounted, Warehouses, East-West, Carport...

Durable Material:

Using High Quality Material to maximize life time of the structure.

Easy Installation:

Bolted Connections with numbered members and Assembly Schemes.

Artistic Designs:

Creating good appearing structures and Green Building Concepts.

Site Installation and Power Integration

Structure Building:

Building the PV structure with precision and high quality.

Fuel Saving System:

Installing Controller to integrate Generator running to the PV system in order to save fuel.

PV installation:

PV installation and fixing, Wiring, Earthing and Protection.

Power Integration:

Connecting the PV system, Inverters, the Grid and Generators, to a Control Panel, then to a Monitoring System.